Cleaning Your Lashes

Hey Loves ! In this blog we will talk about how to clean your mink lashes.

Materials : 

  • Warm Water
  • A bowl
  • Tweezer
  • Spoolie


Here are the Steps

  1.  Fill the cup with warm water
  2.  Get a soap soap and put it into the warm water, after mix until water is bubbly
  3. Get your lashes and put it into the warm water
  4. Let them soak in for about 10 a 15 minutes
  5.  Get paper towel to pet the Lashes down to dry
  6. Take your spoolie to brush out any excess mascara on the lashes


Now it’s time to remove the lash glue (Be careful not to damage the lash band)

You can also use a tweezer if helpful or easier

  1. Take your dominate hands to hold the tweezer while the other hand is holding the lashes
  2. You will begin to start taking out the lash glue from the lash on the lash band not the lashes itself
  3. After your done with that, you are all done and congratulations, you have cleaned your lashes. PERIODTTT



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